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What Does Morgan Housel Say About Rate Of Savings?

"You can build wealth without a high income but have no chance without a high savings rate, it’s clear which one matters more."
Higher Rate Of Savings Is Incredibly Important

My savings rate during the lock down period peaked at 89%. 

A friend of mine who uses my template mentioned that her savings rate peaked at 93% starting from 65% using the template to reflect on your expenses.

I have had great insights from the day I started tracking my savings journey 

I am creating wealth faster than ever.

I am in control of my money. I am buying good luck with the money I am saving.

I am more mindful than ever about my spending. Any big expenditure is given a considerable thought and discussion before the money is spent. We, as a family, evaluate the long-term benefits of expenditure under consideration.

I appreciate reduction more than addition.

I dislike unnecessary hoarding. Tracking my expenses has further enabled my inclination towards a minimal life.

Improvement in savings rate has increased my leverage to do things I love.

For each month of having a savings rate of more than 75%. I have been able to buy three months of free time.

While the benefits of monitoring your savings rate each month is fairly visible above, I would still like to list down the key benefits -

a. You will know about your wasteful expenditure.

b. Monitoring regularly will enable you to be more mindful about your expenses.

c. You can track your monthly savings rate on one page.

d. You will consciously save more and in turn invest more.

e. You will achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM faster.

You will not regret tracking your RATE OF SAVINGS.

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  • 12 months savings rate calculator

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  • 12 months savings rate calculator
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12 Months Savings Rate Calculator

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